When will India qualify for world cup....

March 29, 2009 11:52am CST
As far Cricket India is leading nation........But in case of soccer India is no where...When will India atleast qualify for world cup soccer?
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5 Apr 09
Is there even anybody in India determined to change this? They seem to just be crazy for Cricket
• Poland
5 Apr 09
I don't ever see India qualifying for the World Cup in football. Domestically within India there doesnt seem to be enough interest in the sport. Even in England, where football is the main sport, and many, many, people of Indian origin live, there are no Indian players playing at good clubs. Even if this were to change, and football were to become more popular in India, it could take 20 years for the infrastructure to develop enough for the National team to be strong.
@amitnaik (471)
• India
30 Mar 09
India has a potential to qualify but i strongly feel that it wont ever qualify for the soccor game.
@GioBuffon (122)
• Canada
29 Mar 09
I don't think India will ever make the World Cup. They don't have the quality of players that will compete at International level.