god punishment to his people

@willy6 (492)
April 21, 2009 8:43pm CST
Because God is holy, he requires his people to treat others justly. He promise to punish Israel,Jueah, and others nations for faithlss immorality and idolatry. Their faith has gone into national pride and empty religiou rituals. We must trust in God alone and obey his commands. We cannot ignore his call to justice nor give in to selfishness. If we harden our heart against his message, we surely will punish. God does not punish a nation without warning. Before he destroy Sodom and Gomorroh he send his angel to warn them. So its very important to heed Gods warning, when he send his preacher and profit to sent out his word and to warn us let us look into our lives and make the necessary changes, because if we dont we will suffer the consequencies.
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