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@willy6 (492)
June 4, 2009 6:48pm CST
There are many different ways one can make money online, one can sell things via classified ads, auctions or even create your own web site to sell your products or services. I had a web site where I buy a product and sell it, it was going good for a while but because the present economy crisis I had to stop, because the product was getting too expensive. If one has the right product It can be a profitable business. There is also a business where you can create an e-book. I have never tried anything like that, I dont know it is profitable. I know people creave information that appeals to their basic needs and will somehow educate or enlighten them. If one is able to communicate and idea to another person then you have got what it takes to be an author, all one need to do is to write down that idea and it can be publish as an e-book. I dont know if one will be able to make money, but i guess we have to try many things and see which one will work. If one do not try then they will not know if it will work. The only thing one must be cautious not spend out your money to do online jobs.
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