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Saint Lucia
June 20, 2009 4:06pm CST
how many of you ladies love to go window shopping with you partners?I do but he refuses to go anymore.He is always tired and sleepy.
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• China
20 Jun 09
i do not like going window shopping with my BF, enev go together, he will always wait outside the shop, how can i choose? so now i always go with my friends, women always have some common topic, and taht makes my shopping happy.
@phyrre (2321)
• United States
20 Jun 09
I absolutely adore window shopping. Sometimes I'll even see something that I like that I figure I can make for cheaper than I see it for. My fiance, however, hates window shopping. If we have to go to a store, he wants us to have a list (at least in mind if not written out) of what we need to get and he wants to get whatever's on the list and get out without fooling around too much. He absolutely HATES window shopping. I usually just leave him home and let him do his thing and I'll take my grandmother or my mother window shopping because we all enjoy it. ^_^