Do you wanna be single while you are in the relationship now?

Hong Kong
August 11, 2009 9:49am CST
I think whe I was single, I wanted to be in relationship and now after I have been through all the things that happened in a relationship, I wanna be single again... It is painful sometimes to be in a relationship become htere are always concerns between each other, the longer you are with the person, the more thing you could find out of the personthat you love. What do you think about your guys?
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• India
11 Aug 09
All this has happened with me for so much times now that I am used to it.The heart does break down and the anxiety lasts for a week or so but the life goes on again.Have a good day
• Hong Kong
12 Aug 09
It has happened on me too. The life keeps going on.
@jugsjugs (13038)
11 Aug 09
I think you are right there as when i was on my own i could do the dinner for the children at what time i wanted go out when i wanted and never felt bad or made to feel bad about all of these things as i had no one to answer to at all.I could even enjoy watching the tv or even having the tv on what side i wanted.There was only me i had to answer to.You know what they say you can never have all what you want shame that.Happy Mylotting.
@weasel81 (2501)
• Australia
11 Aug 09
my relationship is not that good, and i'm wanting out hard thou cause i've got to think about a few other things before me like my son. ive got that yearning for freedom, my partner can try to be very conrtoling and i get annoyed about it. i think we've more or less grown apart and i'll be happy when he find a job and goes (we're waiting to hear back about one)
@gunagohan (3415)
• India
11 Aug 09
congrats that Chelsea won the community shield match against Manchester United.. i hope u are a fan of Chelsea Football Club.. now to ur question, iam 19 and i am single..i like to get into relationship, but i shifted the idea, when i saw a couple fighting after their marriage, it was just 4 months ago they got married..they were lovers and in the love relationship for many years, but after their marriage it got broken.. so from many incients like this , i decided to stay single..i dont wanna get into any, because i am too young..i will get into when i am asked by my parents to do so.. i hear and walk in the way which my parents have laid for me..
@mermaidivy (15404)
• United States
11 Aug 09
I have thought about it before, I think trhere are always ups and downs in a relationship, tough to go through it sometimes, it is not easy I can tell you that. But both of the couples need to be tough when hard questions come and need to fix it together.