new year's RESOLUTION.... have you kept one?

September 19, 2009 3:09am CST
every year we welcome the coming year with parties, celebrations and firecrackers with all different practices each culture does. We also never forget to assess our selves and make resolutions for the incoming year.. ever since you have made such resolutions, have you ever kept one? I observed closely one of friends, last year, she was really excited to put up her new "new year's resolution", she was really fervent to adopt a few changes on her lifestyle back then... but just a while ago, i called her up and asked whether she kept one... she replied, none.....
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@Archie0 (4667)
19 Sep 09
Hi radicsphere, Many times i keep a new year resolution and equally i fail to go through it with a dedicated mind, i can never complete what i have planned for.Every year i make a resolution that i will loose my weight this year for sure, and every year i come up with those same lines.I have never lost my weight and i feel so grumpy about myself sometimes that i cannot keep any promises even to myself :(, its really tough because i cannot resist when i see something good to eat.