SUCCESS STORY: do u have one? do u know one? Share it!!!

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September 20, 2009 11:00am CST
im pretty sure that many people will be encouraged to hear any success story, stories that gives you hope, stories that make an example of how perseverance and determination brings change and success to other people's lives..... SHARE ONE NOW!!!!
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@calai618 (1779)
• Philippines
21 Sep 09
Last year I took the board exam for my profession. It was held for three days and the first day was the most critical because it consists of the design part and it holds the greatest percentage on your total score. According to stories, some who fail submitting their designs on the first day refused to attend the next 2 days because it would be pointless, their faith had been decided. I planned everything that could be planned of ahead of time. I practiced my concepts, prepared my drawing materials and had them organized, bought my own watch so I won't be guessing the time and looked for the most comfortable clothes to wear. During the first day, first thing I did was to make a timetable for everything that was required to be submitted. I alloted time on each of the requirements so I would surely finish them all. There were more than 5 sheet requirements needed and after alloting the time, it appeared that I would finish 3 hours early. I then started working. the requirements weren't that difficult if you think about it but then with all the pressure and thoughts I had during that day and knowing I had to not just finish the requirements but make sure they would be excellent too, I kind of lost my mind. the timetable I drafted on te start of the day was not followed at all. I planned to be on the last sheet at 2PM but when 2PM came, I was still on the first sheet. I came to my senses that time and realized I wasn't gonna finish everything on that rate. I really got lost, I was so nervous, I ws already thinking about what to say to my parents because I already know I was not going to pass. But then I refused the thoughts and prayed as much as I could. I wasn't even thinking anymore, I was just drawing and drawing and I didn't notice I was beginning to complete some of the requirements. But another bad thing happened, the box which contained all of my things (pencils, markers, rulers, watercolor,etc) fell and exploded in the middle of the room. All of the people in the room just stared at me while my things were scattered on the floor. Even I couldn't move that time. I was thinking maybe it was really what's meant to be. Nobody helped me pick up my stuff and I perfectly understand them because all of us didn't have the luxury of time.Even I didn't bother picking my things up. I let them on the floor and was just picking the things I needed. Thirty minutes before the time, I was still behind by three perspective drawings. I was just praying nonstop and I didn't really know how I managed to pass everything on time. And to make the long story short, I passed the licensure exam despite the mishaps. i learned that though sometimes life looks as if it is against you, just continue. Dont stop because the future is really unknown. If you give up easily, you lose from the start but if you continue, there's still a chance. Don't forget to pray too and ask for help. Pride will never get you anywhere. I know my story is kinda messed up but I hope people understands the essence of it and somehow get some inspiration from it. :D