Philippines: Good bye GMA? really? will you miss her?

Pinas, Phils, P.I, Philippines - Philippine Islands
September 22, 2009 2:12am CST
ahhahaha. that's an intriguing question people could bite.. but, is it really for good? is she willing to step down and not make any desperate attempts to extend the presidential term? i bet if that would be the case, alot of people will also miss her..
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• Philippines
22 Sep 09
I'm not a GMA fanatic, frankly speaking. There's a lot of contreversies involving either her or her family, most them are because of graft and corruption. It was a mistake making her the President of the country.
• Indonesia
22 Sep 09
I'm not sure if this is true.. but i've heard from other sources that she already sold spratley islands to china behind the knowledge of the Filipino people?
@mareca11 (212)
• Philippines
3 Nov 09
I think not. GMA has been around ever since the impeachment of Erap and that is around like 8 years ago? I don't think the Filipinos want her to stay. There are a lot of controversies in her term and Filipinos would not allow her to do other things. Even though she (GMA) would boast that she did so many things to improve the country I would most likely not thank her. One, she had many corrupt doings like the ZTE stuff and many hidden wealth of their family, her expensive meal. And two, I just don't really like her. If the country was really improving, the poor should feel it. But in the case of our country, only the rich feels economic progress, so I should say that this economic progress is not a progress unless the lives of the poor are well off. So, I won't miss her, the poor won't miss her. The people would only miss her are the ones whom she had helped to gain power and fame.
@xtedaxcvg (3190)
• Philippines
22 Sep 09
Yup, I'll definitely miss her. No more corruption, no more unexplained wealth, no more lies, nothing. We won't experience that anymore once she's gone. Of course, with all those wealth gained, one can only wonder, are they satisfied already or will they crave for more?