On what basis you select the movie to watch?

@ragikutty (2457)
Kerala, India
October 5, 2009 10:51am CST
Do you choose to watch a movie because of its director or actor or actress or is there anything else? I mainly look for the actor or actress. Or else it should be based on some books i read. Or all others should have told be its worth watching movie.
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• Japan
26 Oct 09
It depends. Most of the time I watch a movie from looking at the poster & trailer and googling the synopsis of the film. But I watch a movie if I like the Director, or if my favorite actor/actresses are starring in them! :D But most of the watch movies for their stories.
@Lcrkar05 (344)
• United States
21 Oct 09
I look at movies that have my favorite actors and actresses. I also just watch trailers and see how good a movie looks. I'm into a lot of movies, so if the trailer looks good I'll go see it or at least rent it when it comes out.
@fifileigh (3619)
• United States
10 Oct 09
something about the movie sticks out as interesting, whether the content of the storyline or the type of movie. i rarely see a movie because of the actors. all actors have good movies and bad movies. so, it all depends on the movie. if i read the book and liked the book, that would encourage me to see the movie, even though i have to remind myself that the movie will most likely be different from the book. sometimes, the movie poster gets my attention. and sometimes, other people i meet or friends or family tell me that it was a good movie.
@Porcospino (29225)
• Denmark
10 Oct 09
I am usually more interested in the story of the movie than the actors or the director. If the story doesn't sound interesting, I don't want to watch the movie. I love movies that are a bit different and movies with a twist at the end. I like movies like "A beautiful mind", "The sixth sense" or "The others". There are some actors that I like more than others, and I enjoy watching a movie with my favourite actors, but the story of the movie is more important to me than the actors. It happens every once in a while that I choose a movie because I like the director, but most of the time I am more interested in the story of the movie.
@JohnJeff (722)
• Malaysia
10 Oct 09
I see who is the actor and actress,then the director,lastly the movies tittle.Sometimes I depends on my friends comments.
• United States
9 Oct 09
For me selecting a movie often depends on the mood I'm in. Sometimes I'm in the mood for something light and fun, sometimes I want a western, sometimes historical history, etc. You get the picture. If the story is a good story I don't care who the actors are, but there are some actors that I almost always enjoy. For the past those actors would be John Wayne, Cary Grant, Audry Hepburn, Maureen O'Hara, Marilyn Monroe, Robert Mitchem and there are others. Present day actors I enjoy are Julia Roberts, Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks. Usually if these actors, past and present, are in a movie it's pretty good.
@celticeagle (124287)
• Boise, Idaho
7 Oct 09
What mood I am in, who is going to be watching it with me and how long we have to watch it in. I look for a certain actor or actress sometimes. I already have several I watch over and over just because of that. Usually it is just whatever mood I am in at the time.
@joem26 (17)
• Philippines
5 Oct 09
I usually watch movies that has a good and unique story. I also prefer those movies that has an unexpected twist at the end and keeps you guessing all the time. One example is the sixth sense. It has great film making.It really doesn't matter who the cast are, since it follows that if the movie has a great story, the cast are good as well. So everytime I buy a DVD i usually check the synopsis of the movie first before buying it to make sure I'll be watching an interesting movie.
@emilie2300 (1889)
• United States
5 Oct 09
Some time I will choose I movie based on the actors playing. Sometime I choose a movie based on a preview of what I saw before it came out. Or if it is based on a book I read and I want to see the movie. If it is directed by a director that I like. If it is a good comedy drama romanti family or thiller or horror film that jumps out and says I got to see that. That movie looks good and grabs my attention. That is usually how I base it on.
• Indonesia
5 Oct 09
Usually, I choose based on the actor and actress, the review from my friends and internet. If based on a book, I only watch it if the book is great too..
@kiran8 (15319)
• Mangalore, India
5 Oct 09
Hi ragikutty, I select mostly films that I have heard about. I prefer watching old films and I look for the director, actors and also music of the film.If it is a western film, then I go by the actors and also by reviews that I have read.I hardly ever see any new Indian films as they all seem totally uninteresting . I hate to see the present day actors and the songs are just too awful...
• United States
5 Oct 09
No i dont choose the movie on who is acting or who created the movie, i wash it on depending how the previews looks, the action in it or the mystery. or drama. i do like watching movies that are based on a book, but only if i know the book is good.