Alli Weight Loss Pills

United States
October 10, 2009 5:56am CST
I am thinking of trying the Alli weight loss pills, but I worry about adverse side effects. Have you tried Alli weight loss pills, and did it work for you? How much weight did you lose or not lose? What were your expectations? I just think since it is Fda approved, it would be safer than taking something with tons of caffeine or other ingredients I don't know about. I hear Alli binds to the fat in a meal, if it contains more than the daily allowance per each meal or the day. Even the Mayo Clinic has a page on it. The main ingredient is orlistat, and it binds to twenty-five percent of the fat in a meal. I also hear a person can lose 50% more weight than if they diet and exercise alone. Yet the information I have looked up so far states that the only unpleasant side effects is oily spotting, and more bowel movements. Oh joy.
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