Getting Rid of Virus Scan Message

@Razzles (516)
United States
November 10, 2009 10:40pm CST
I hope someone can help me. I have been trying to play Moola for a week now, and each time I press to play, the advertisement comes up and then after the advertisement comes up, a message appears- Virus Scan Alert- It says that a Trojan Horse was detected and deleted. Once I clear the message, it keeps coming back and won't let me play my game. I don't know what to do. I really like the game so I want to continue playing. Can someone please advise me? Thanks in advance.
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@musicman6 (2391)
• United States
13 Nov 09
What you have is an adware or malware, which is almost like an actual virus! These are more like parasites, and hard to get rid of, it doesn't do any good to x it out, and don't follow any of the directions it says because it will make it worse until it locks up your computer! What I had to do, is , I bought Norton Anti-virus, and I installed it on my computer, while I still could before it locked up! I went in there and it cleaned out all these adwares and malwares, and virus' that were plagueing my computer, and it's been working now for over a year with no problems! I did the same thing to my daughter's computer, she had these, and hers is working fine! My very first computer locked up on me before I knew of all these nemesis, and I didn't save it, I can't even open it up at all!