what is my fix major?

January 12, 2010 11:53pm CST
Ok here is my situation Now I take college major as the Hotel management course, but i have a problem: day 1: is practical course ( cutting etc) cooking lesson and food and drink service as a waiter 1 st time before i take this course , because i am inters @ cooking and i thought cooking/food is 1 of human basic need , so if i can,t make business or whatever at least i can work @ someone restaurant ( so my point is only @ the cooking and pastry stuff) day 2: is some restaurant tech like billing and order system and so on the problem is : all in france i can,t understand everything and there is accounting and i really bad on it and this is short term course so i think is hard for me , i think of changing my major now i look into art section but i Must can draw ( yes i am bad on this one too but i take extra course on this one) now i am confuse , is that any free online site to test what is our academic potential? because is no time to register for this kind of test please help
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