In our orbit

@aparajita (1048)
January 27, 2010 3:49am CST
I've been writing for some time now. My recent interest was on Shahrukh Khan who has got a crater in the moon near 'The Sea of Tranquility' christened in his name. Miep Gies has an asteroid named after her. Good to know that there are places of interest which might bear your name. What exactly does one have to do for that.? Of course interests vary and they also matter. I am not a Science student basically. Neither am an entertainer. Well, apart from Meghnad Saha, Isaac Newton, do we have any teacher having a crater or an asteroid named against him or her? Does this write-up make any sense? I think it does. It does, to great extent. We are all revolving round our own axis. If Creamer can do some networking from Space, it sure will turn our eyes to Twitter or FaceBook. If Tiger Woods confesses to his wife in the rehab it'll surely get us hooked to the media, the channel the news column etc etc. If it is Ronaldo shelling bucks for the Haiti hit people it'll make news. What if, we soon follow the Haitians? Will we still be able to have the capacity to revolve round our own orbits and ignore the others?
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