Can you relax during your Gyn Exam?

United States
February 1, 2010 3:57pm CST
Can you relax during your yearly gyn exam? I know I have a hard time with that cold and metal speculum shoved up there so impersonally. I find also that I have to have a woman gyn doctor, for I feel more comfortable. I just have a hard time relaxing during these invasive exams, and want to know if any of the ladies here at mylot have experienced the same issue. How do you relax during your pap smear? Are there posters on the ceiling or can you turn your head to the side to look at a picture? Do you count to ten? It's just that when the gyn doctor says relax, I am thinking, "Yeah, okay! You get up here and have a stranger look down there!" I feel like I am going to be looked at under a microscope.
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• Australia
4 Feb 10
Nah, cause you know what their planning on doing with that thing; I can't remember how many times i tried to put it off last year. But my doctor finally got round to doing one.
@ElicBxn (61189)
• United States
1 Feb 10
relax? what's that? Honestly, I've found a couple of docs I've been happy with, both male, both older Both seem to really BELIEVE me when I tell them - "ya know, you are the ONLY ones who've been there before..." Did have a doc tell me "Nuns don't get cervical cancer."
@Sandra1952 (6051)
• Spain
1 Feb 10
Hello, Towongfoo. I've had a lot of health problems for the last 15 years, and I just don't give a damn anymore. I know the doctors are there to help me, so I just go with the flow. I do get irritated, however, by nurses who try too hard to relax you. A while back, I had to have some pre-cancerous cells removed from the cervix by laser treatment. The nurse insisted on stroking my hand, and telling me not to worry, although it must have been obvious even to her that I was perfectly relaxed. I'm there with my feet in the stirrups, and the consultant comes in. He looks about 12, so I turned to the nurse and said, 'Does his mother know what he gets up to when he leaves home in the morning?' The nurse was mortified, but the surgeon and I laughed our heads off. That's how I relax in the gynae exam.
• United States
1 Feb 10
Hi, Foo! Relax? Never! But my doctor tells jokes the whole time, and he always tells me what a beautiful job he did on my hysterectomy. I have to admit, I do relax little because he keeps me laughing. He plans to retire next year, though, and that frightens me...