May Bukas Pa (There is still a Tomorrow) -Change and you'll die

@shattered (1730)
February 4, 2010 8:16am CST
I was watching the news this evening when a popular television series entitled "May Bukas Pa" showed its latest trailer. The Show is about a boy named Santino who can talk to Bro (Jesus Christ) and can do miracles. I believe the show started out great where the boy was able to change bad people into good people but as time passed near the end of the show the good people who change will die! First there was the mayor's wife who died a few episodes after she changed and wanted to act accordingly. Then there was the mayor himself, who turns out to be Santino's father, and he dies after changing for the better, giving up his corrupt life to live a normal life which he can be proud of so that he can tell Santino that he is his son. He also dies. Then now, the trailer is showing Santino himself dying and showing people praying for the repose of his soul. The moral lesson of this show is if your bad stay bad because if change and live like a saint you will surely die immediately! This is conveying a very bad message, more so because children are the target market. Anyone from ABS CBN? LOL
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