Can you teach me to get music online?

United States
February 20, 2010 3:59pm CST
I don't want lime wire on my computer. I gave my daughter money to buy a ipod touch and she bought a different one. So later taht week she had her own money and saw one and bought it. Now the other new one she was nice enough to give to me. I want to add so music to it. I can't tear her away from her friends to help me. So Without using lime wire could you be of some help to me. I even need to know what to push to find all of whitney houstons songs. Thanks friends.
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@dorannmwin (36634)
• United States
23 Feb 10
I am able to get almost any music that I want for free from the internet and I'm not using any illegal methods to do it. There is a software that you can buy that will allow you to record music off of the internet. The software is called Pyro and I highly recommend it. Between the pyro software and youtube I can find almost any song that I would like to add to my computer library of music and I'm able to put it on my computer legally and without the risk of infecting my computer.
@junil_jk (496)
• India
21 Feb 10
you can search and download music, images, or softwares from you'll get music when you go to the link 'music'(or muziek), and then the search page for musics will appear. there you can type for the music or artist you like and then search.
@sachii315 (489)
• Japan
21 Feb 10
Hi giftsandbagscom! try downloading a torrent file, but first you must download a torrent tool like bitorrent or utorrent. Then go to a torrent site like, or, search for your favorite album and download it. Or you can also try other file sharing sites like, or Happy mylotting!