When you feel that your parents were really proud of you?

@icesmile (7160)
March 20, 2010 12:52pm CST
Maybe this is the best memory that connects us to our parents, when we have seen in their eyes that they were proud of us. I was a good kid, but never forget an expression my father when he came to the hospital after my elder son was born , and my father said," I'm proud of you." His daughter, whom he loved so desperately, brought the world a new life. And he was proud. I was very proud that my father was proud of me. This stayed in my mind's eye, which pleased him because I gave birth to his first grandchild. now is your turn, when do you feel that your parents were really proud of you?
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@pandaeyes (2068)
21 Mar 10
My father was quite a critical man and I often thought he disliked children once they were past the age of being innocent and unquestioning. However,one day I had to meet him at his work to come home with him on the bus and all his work colleagues knew my name and all about my drawing. He kept a picture of us in his wallet which he showed to them when he was talking about us. It was quite a revelation to discover how much they had heard about his children.
@marianna45 (1399)
• Romania
21 Mar 10
Hi, my parents always was proud of me, even sometimes i made some mistakes, they let me know that they are with me, and help me a lot theirs support. Even now, when i am mature i ask theirs advices, and opinion about something i want to do. If i must choice a moment, they was so proud of me, when i succeded in school, they want all time more and more from me.