Pacific...what else does a man want?

@slovenc1 (2091)
March 29, 2010 5:23am CST
I watched first two parts of hbo miniseries called Pacific. I like everything about it including the intro. It's about world war II and realistic and i just admire every single person who contributed to this miniseries. It often think about how much effort it takes to make a great movie and i'd like to point that out today. I also remember miniseries Band of brothers and i enjoyed every part of it. Does anyone know for any similar miniseries or movies? Is there anyone on mylot that was in any war? I do know that war isn't something one should wish for but in everything bad there's a little good. How can you not like something you haven't tasted yet? Today you go to shop, buy something and seller says hi, 23$, bye, but next month you could be his best friend waiting for the enemy in a ditch with him. Share your opinion, good luck people!
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