Why Don;t You Like It?

@erikmama (12929)
United States
April 5, 2010 11:04pm CST
I am one of the BIGGEST MMA/UFC fans you will ever meet. I get all school girl when it somes on the television, and it is for me what football is for men. It is amazing because I have never been into sports, and yes, it is a sport.I am obsessed! Since I have been here I have made many posts about UFC in which I get very few responses. So I suppose I am alone here in my love of it. So I am curious as to why you dont like it, or why the sport is looked down upon so much?
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@Christoph56 (1507)
• Canada
1 Jun 10
I'm a big UFC fan, too, but it seems like myLot just doesn't have so many big UFC fans like us to be writing all the time on the boards. Because of that, I don't go onto this board very often. But I am watching UFC, and any other MMA I can get my hands on! My favorite fighters are probably GSP and BJ Penn, because I really love the ground game, and these guys are absolute experts at it. Of course, the stand-up is great, but when they're on the ground, and you see how they're pulling off the technical moves to pull the other into submission, thats when I'm absolutely on the edge of my seat! But one of my all-time favorite fights is Andrei Arlovski. I just loved his style, and he was such an awesome technical fighter. Towards the end of his time at the UFC, though, Dana White gave him really easy fights. It was kinda sad to see my favorite fighter get onto the card in a, "May not be televised" fight. But, for excitement, the next UFC, #115, is happening in my city of Vancouver, BC, Canada! I wasn't able to get tickets, because they all sold out in 15 minutes, but I am totally going downtown long before it starts to watch it all live right next door to where it's happening. I can't wait!
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@erikmama (12929)
• United States
1 Jun 10
I know.As popular as UFC and MMA are it amazes me that mylot has just one or two UFC fans here.It really sucks too because I am with you and love the sport.My computer has lots of UFC videos attacted to it.My son and I take MMA classes, I have DVDs,t-shirts,and the whole nine.Once I am able to attend a live UFC event my world will be complete.(Id also be better if Rampage had won against Rashad.Shocked.But like u said anything can happen.I still think Rampage shoulda won,and he gave him a run for his money.Still,cant top Rampage in my books!0