life is to live different..!

May 22, 2010 11:05am CST
there are a lot of things we have to know in the life..and i say we have to learn a lot throughout the life and a soal learns when he is born and finish the knowledge only when he is dead and until that the mind think and live in its own world..there are better things we have to know from the elder and younger and lead our life ..we have to go with what we get and life a life which have pure thought and lead a wonder in the way we think.. there are lot of people who help in the life of others and support till the end and that is the way of help and in that way we have to put a difference in the mind of the one we have to initiate and give a wonder and only thing we have to do it to have a believe in others and that is the thing which is going the help us and u agree with me..?
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@narayan2006 (2955)
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22 May 10
In every moment of our journey in life,we experience something new and unique. With passage of time, the things we learnt in the past become outdated and obsolete. But we keep on our march to acquire new knowledge and facts till the end of our life. All the lifelong experiences gathered and stored in our mind lead us to explore further new things. In every step,we generate new desires for something that our mind crave for. The most powerful desire that comes to our mind just before our last breathe in life becomes the seed for leading us to a new birth to experience the fruits of our last desires. We have been born many times just to enjoy and experience the fruits of our last desires. Life is a endless process that helps us to evolve from our present level of consciousness to higher and higher levels.
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23 May 10
good then have fun with what u have see ,life is a better thing,and it is a play of the goal and it is the stuff what we have to do with and i think life has to be enjoyed and that os the only thing have fun..