Vacation at Pansol

July 19, 2011 2:16pm CST
Laguna is a great place to visit. They have excellent private resorts that they offer to normal folks. For one night you can have a resort all to yourself for a meager asking price. My Dad brought his employees along and we enjoyed the whole night singing, dancing, swimming and talking. They also drank a lot of beer that night. The next day we continued the merriment. We enjoyed a great meal of rice and crab. Fish was also served aplenty. The good thing about Pansol is that you can have a fun adventure without leaving Luzon at a great and affordable price. It also helps that Pansol is only around a hundred kilometers from Manila. On your next vacation, I suggest that you check out that place.
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@maximax8 (30119)
• United Kingdom
19 Jul 11
That sounds like an interesting destination. I hope in the future to go on an island hopping and snorkeling trip to the Philippines. I like to have an affordable trip and rustic accommodation is natural looking. I like little thatched beach huts most of all.
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@secretbear (19463)
• Philippines
25 Jul 11
Hi! I agree. Pansol is the home for many hot spring resorts. The water in their swimming pools are always warm. You can't find any resort there with cold water. That's why even during the rainy season, many people go there for a one night or one day vacation. Me and my friends went there for an overnight swimming just this month. We rented a resort for the whole night and the fee was really cheap since it was off peak season. There was karaoke, the pool was great, we brought a lot of food and drinks. We always do that actually at least once a year. It's a great form of vacation even if it's only for a night.
@celticeagle (123508)
• Boise, Idaho
20 Jul 11
I would love to go to a small resort somewhere and have nothing but fish and rice everyday. I could do that. I would love that. Why I wasn't born an islander I don't know! I can't afford vacations very far away but do make it to the small resort town in the mountains where we went the beginning of June. It was very relaxing and I ate fish nearly every night.
@jak2010 (1550)
• Papua New Guinea
20 Jul 11
Very good information, provide some pictures and show people some real example, like costs in peso and as well as US dollar. Both the locals and tourists may want to know about the place.