Guys, how long you are here?

By A B
Scottsdale, Arizona
August 6, 2011 1:15am CST
I joined mylot in 2006, what about you? I am not really a regular member, but today when I logged in I saw the first payout I got was in 2006!!! Cheers Mylot.
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@nurseclare (2209)
• Philippines
6 Aug 11
Hi abhiroop, Ive been here for 2 months already and I enjoy myself in here. Good for you to be her since 2006..Have a nice day. :)
@erez98 (166)
• Israel
6 Aug 11
wow! you are so active! in two months you got 731 points. good for you!
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• Philippines
8 Aug 11
Hi erez, yes I am really active and so happy to be a mylot member..Work hard too.Happy mylotting.. :)
@greenline (14839)
• Canada
9 Aug 11
I joined myLot four years ago, and had stayed active in the community all along as much as time permited. I have a full time job taking most of the hours during the week, limiting the time I can devote to myLot. This is a very unique community to meet and make friends with wonderful people from countries and cultures around the world. A community where members work together and share experiences for mutual benefits.
@secretbear (19448)
• Philippines
6 Aug 11
Hi abhiroop! 2006?? Wow, that's too long ago! I have been here in myLot for a few years now and I have received a few payouts before. Somewhere in the past I got inactive and stopped myLotting for a long time! I've been only active again this year and I haven't reached payout again. But I am decided to continue being active and reach another payout this August. Happy myLotting!
@maximax8 (31123)
• United Kingdom
7 Aug 11
My sister told me about My Lot in 2006 and I joined it there. I was at the time pregnant with my disabled son and he is now 4 years old. I go on to wonderful My Lot every day that I can. I really like the discussions on excellent My Lot and have made many superb friends on lovely My Lot. I can't imagine leaving My Lot because it is wonderful.
@yallit (3677)
• Philippines
6 Aug 11
I joined MyLot last December and I have received 2 payments from this site.
@varier (5685)
• Indonesia
6 Aug 11
Err.. Less than a week here? Lol, I am totally a newbie here :) Actually it is glad to know that MyLot already paid since 2006. It is already 5 years then! Long live myLot! And happy mylotting B-)
@umabharti (3973)
• India
6 Aug 11
Introduction to Internet was when i was at school,may be it is in 1990's and in 2001 i went through a computer pgdca course of job training so then i used a little of Internet for my programming.The 2007 has made me completely be online user.I had online access to my home ,so been online since 2007 , i started mylot from 2008.
@tears08 (161)
6 Aug 11
wow..that was so long.. i started here in mylot recently only..maybe 2 weeks back, and looking forward for my 1st pay off.. i am still way too far from that haha.. anyways welcome back to mylot