Whitney Houston cleaned up her life and all people can talk about is her drugs.

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February 12, 2012 6:18pm CST
The woman had a rough few years and only hurt herself. she cleaned up her life and got back on track and now she is dead. People are jumping up saying she died because of drugs. That is down right wrong there is no one yet on tv to say anything about it being because of drugs. I wish I could say what I really would like to say. She was hurting for years. she has a child in this world who is left to read and hear all of what people are saying about her mother. I think Micheal Jackson was way worse in life then she was and look how people treated his death. at least she never was accused of anything to do with children. I am so hurt because I loved this woman. she did all this to herself not to anyone else. I hope and pray it was not anything to do with drugs so all those stupid people can shut up and go talk about something else. I would hope her child never reads anything hurtful about her mother from this site. I thought judging people was god's job. She deserves better than this crap.
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@free_man (7336)
• United States
13 Feb 12
You are so right she had a few hard years. I seen a discussion she had with a news anchor woman and she said she was her own devil. She was the one that did what she did to herself. What a shame she had to pass on she was a great and good woman. I hope and pray that no one talks bad of her. God is the judge of all of us and no one has the right to judge her. After all none of us are prefect there was only one that was prefect and look what humans did to HIM they put Christ on a cross and killed HIM. She was a great actress and singer sure will miss her. She is in a better place though she is in Heaven with The FATHER (God)she isn't suffering anymore. I am with you she deserves better then anyone talking bad about her. If they want to talk crap they need to look at what they have done with their own lives.
@MandaLee (3735)
• United States
13 Feb 12
People need to stop passing judgement on Whitney. We are not God. We don't have the facts. May she rest in peace.
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@Hatley (164266)
• Garden Grove, California
13 Feb 12
hi gifts leave it to some people who are so thoughtless and callous that they do not even remember her child is going to hear all that crap. Whitney was a lovely woman and a fantastic singer. She hurt nobody else and like you say she did clean up her act. Yes Michael Jackson was in much deeper trouble and a lot of people overlooked that.You are so rightjudging'people is God's business.She does deserve better.She made a lot of us'lives much richer with her music . I am also a fan of hers. from hatley