Do you know anyone who treats animals better than humans..

United States
February 19, 2012 10:59am CST
I was talking to adrian the other day and he had called and made me wonder. He was delivering $400 worth of meat to a lady who bought it all for her dog to eat. I know some people who treat their pets better than they treat their own family..I am sure ou know someone like this not to far from here. Sad as it may be I think some people go over board when they have pets. I agree if you have them care for them. But,when you treat animals better than human something is wrong. I had cats all my life and two dogs. None of them could have ever been treated better than my family and friends. I would love to have a cat right now. I have been known for spoiling my sweet ones and I did not care. they treated me well and I returned the love.
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@sedel1027 (17851)
• United States
19 Feb 12
. Even feeding your animal a raw diet, that meat would last a very long time - possibly a year. I know what you mean though. Our animals only get organic food, I cook things for them sometimes too.
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• United States
19 Feb 12
bI would give my cat a treat from my plate. not too much where they could not like eating thier food. But,enough to make them want more. I loved sharing my crabs with tom tom.
@asliah (11144)
• Philippines
27 Sep 12
hi, actually i have known people like that who treat animal rather than humans,one of my neighbor here in my place,he dont have son or daugther but a wife,then he had dog and he treated that dog as his son as human too.
@laken02 (3067)
• United States
15 Mar 12
my husband spends about 20.00 a week on treats for our dog, he loves her very much and spoils her as much as possible, we use to pay 10.00 a bag for treats and we found a better brand she likes for 5.00 so we now buy them the other treats we use to buy is now 19.99 a bag.. how stupid is that to charge that much for dog treats but he buys the 5.00 one now and that allows him to be able to buy her other treats as well.. she knows when we get bsck from the gorcery store we have treats for her.. she is always waiting for them..
@megamatt (14327)
• United States
22 Feb 12
There have been many cases where I have seen this or rather heard stories about this. The thing that I think is obvious many times is that many people see the darker side of humanity up close and a bit too personal. For some people, they can grow beyond that. For others, it kind of turns them funny and kind of makes them grow distrustful of other people. People feel that their pets will never let them down. It does seem harsh but this is a mindset. People who get burned badly by something will never be the same and it kind of twists them around a bit. Of course, everyone has their reasons for doing this that does this and...there are times where people annoy me to an absurd degree, where I might be inclined to think that animals are better. Not that I would treat animals better all of the time, but I can see where that mindset is going to originate.
@GemmaR (8521)
20 Feb 12
I have a friend who cares much more about animals than about people. She owns a small pet shop and this means that she spends a lot of her time feeding and caring for animals. When I first met her, she honestly didn't know how to make friends with people, and the only friends that she had in the past were animals that she had looked after. She is a lot better now, as we have worked hard to include her in things and to be friends with her, but that isn't saying that it was easy. I think that some people are just always going to be that way.
@winterose (39899)
• Canada
20 Feb 12
as an animal lover I think it is her business, she may have a breed of dog that needs meat, there are many kinds, like st. bernard's for example, dogs and cats are carnivores (meat eaters) just like humans are.
@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
20 Feb 12
I spoil my dog too but do not feed him table food. Table food is not good for pets. It harms them. We did not know how bad it harms them until it was too late with other pets. My pets are very spoiled otherwise.
@celticeagle (122950)
• Boise, Idaho
19 Feb 12
A woman can afford to pay $400 for meat FOR HER DOG? She must be rich. Some people do go overboard. My daughter treats her cats better than she does her son. Gives them more love i think. They are so selfish and loyal and loving. Unlike alot of people. They deserve to be treated well.
@RitterSport (2452)
• Lippstadt, Germany
19 Feb 12
yes I know of such a case and it irates me to no end. Pets are nice and lovable company but the own relatives should come first.