should I go to the neighbor or anyone else

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May 12, 2013 2:32am CST
Someone from my floor called my man and told him my daughter was smoking drugs in my house. now that night I came here she swore to me it was not her and still I yelled at her because I did catch her telling a lie about this before. well the neighbors front door is in front of the elevator and he said he could smell it there. so,about 1am I went to the trash compactor and the hallway was filled with the smell and my child was not here. so,I figured where it was coming from which is the neighbor the the left of him so I was very upset because those calls he made could very well have been my friends son's fault and I yelled at my child. now,she is not here because I told her to leave because I was fed up and caught her sleeping while I smelled it in the house. I feel bad for the people who don;t smoke because it is going in their homes as well. the lady of the son who was smoking I know and wonder if I should speak to her about it. after all I caught him in my house a few times as well. plus,he is selling it in the building.
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@LaDeBoheme (2005)
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12 May 13
A vicious cycle. It just goes on and on and on...