5 English Words That Begin With “OF” … “FO”

letters o and f
Austin, Texas
July 27, 2016 1:34pm CST
Previous post: 5 English Words That Begin With “ID” … “DI” Offa – King of Mercia (757 – 796 B.C.). His authority was recognized throughout England, south of the Humber, enabling him to claim the title “King of the English” offal – all parts of an animals which are removed from the carcass when it is dressed for food (entrails of a butchered animal) (Sounds awful!) officinal – characterizing an approved medicine or drug stocked by dispensers officious – offering unwanted advice or service; meddlesome off-the-pig – a term once used for ready-made apparel, i.e. clothing you can buy off-the-rack foco – a focal center of guerilla* power folderol – useless ornament or accessory; trifle or nonsense foliaceous – resembling an ordinary green leaf (form, texture, and mode of growth) foulard – thin soft silk or silk and cotton material used for ties, scarves, trimmings, etc.; a lightweight printed fabric of silk, etc. fovea – a small pit or depression * guerilla – term first applied to the Spaniards who harassed Napoleon Bonaparte's army during the Peninsula War (war fought 1808 – 1814, in the Iberian Peninsula; part of the Napoleonic Wars); derived from the Spanish word “guerra” which means WAR!
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@rina110383 (23969)
28 Jul 16
A great way to increase one's vocabulary!
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• Austin, Texas
28 Jul 16
Thanks to the Internet there are lots of ways to improve your vocabulary. But before the Internet, I really liked Reader's Digest.
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@akalinus (29426)
• United States
7 Sep 16
Some good words to drop at a party. Did you buy that dress off-the-pig? Can I feel your foulard? Good words but not often used.
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