Ok I sent 4 people $1.00 today LOL

United States
November 27, 2006 8:44pm CST
I keep recieving these letters. You know the ones. Well a person sent me $1.00 to read a letter. Another 4$ to complete a 5 minute radio survey over the phone. Then today I get the last part of the survey and $4.00. So I also recieved this chain letter. I said the only way to know if it works. Is to send my blessing to another. So I took the top 4 names and sent them $1.00 each with a slip,please add me to your list. LOL I'll post how it goes here soon. :)
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@brentjh (679)
• Namibia
28 Nov 06
Hells bells people! With the amount of time you all sit on the net, you should be able to spot a scam a mile away! These sort of scams have been around for more yonks already.
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@sedel1027 (17851)
• United States
28 Nov 06
I have never been able to contribute to something like that. I vaugely remember someone posting a similiar thing a few weeks ago. I always wondered if it worked. Can't wait to see your results.
• United States
16 Dec 06
I received $1.00 back so far. and a phone call. I asked the people I sent money to to call me. The person spent $500.00 total sending out those mailings. slowly he said he has been getting mail. He gets about $20.00 a day. He soon will make it. I hope. I have my $1.00 an it means i'll get more. But I won't do it again because I just wanted the feedback.
@zeus1a (1047)
• Netherlands
16 Dec 06
Well i am sorry to say but you just lost some money plus that chain letters are quite stupid and illegal.sorry.
@susanscs (268)
• Spain
16 Dec 06
Hope you get your money, sounds like a scam to me.
@akanuj (331)
• India
28 Nov 06
i m cofuse to read this plz explain in breif