Please how can i make 5 dollars daily?

July 12, 2019 8:19am CST
I have been searching for an opportunity to earn passive and steady income online legit, can someone e with info please help me out.....
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@MALUSE (51797)
• Germany
12 Jul
I can't give you a postitive answer but I can tell you that you certainly can't earn so much on myLot. You've come to the wrong site.
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@owlwings (41125)
• Cambridge, England
12 Jul
You are simply voicing the dream of many. "I want to earn a steady income of $X every day/week/month/year without actually putting in much effort at all (i.e. 'passive')." The simple answer is that you ALWAYS have to invest something in order to reap a return. In other words, you have to have a CAPITAL which you are prepared to loan so that someone will pay you INTEREST. That capital could be money but it could also be something you have created through your own skill, creativity and ingenuity. It's up to you. In the easiest example, a good, safe investment is likely to return around 2% per annum. Let's take that as a yardstick. $5 a day is $2,000 a year (approximately). At 2% per annum, you would need to invest $100,000 to achieve that rate of return. Do you have that anount of money? Do you think that your skills, creativity or ingenuity are actuall worth that much (be realistic!)? I don't know, of course, because I have no idea who you are or what you can do, but the very fact that you are even asking this question suggests to me that you are young, inexperienced and hard up. I won't go on but you maybe get the picture!
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@ShyBear88 (27164)
• United States
12 Jul
It depends on what you want to do online. A lot of it you can make penny’s to a dollar just depends on what your after.
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• United States
17 Jul
When you find that type of site let me know.
@Starkinds (3008)
• India
16 Jul
Sorry I haven't an idea
• United States
15 Jul
not of this website, that's for sure.
@a_jerobon (1259)
• Eldoret, Kenya
15 Jul
Five dollars daily sounds great but I do not know a way to earn that much online. I barely reach a dollar daily by working in forums and writing sites.
@Ladanger (7175)
• United States
14 Jul
Here you can make $5 a month