Things diluvial.

@xFiacre (8295)
August 14, 2019 12:38pm CST
Unspeakably heavy rain sent today’s crowd of about 400 mourners racing for cover. The minister hopped deftly into the hearse when the ominously black bank of cloud could hold its water no more. For five minutes the rain hurt the earth and many bald heads. The open grave began to fill with water and the mound of excavated earth sitting beside the grave started to slide down the slight incline of the graveyard towards the road. The only dry and oblivious character was the deceased as she lay in her unburied, abandoned coffin dressed in her Sunday best and dry as a bone, though nobody checked. The coffin disappeared for a bit in the intensity of the rain and the muddy spray it threw up, and when the rain stopped as quickly as it had begun, and the sun emerged from behind the fast retreating clouds, steady puffs of steam rose from the bright, shiny coffin. Wet people gathered together again, emerging from cars and from under trees and the minister took up where he had left off before the deluge.
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• Belews Creek, North Carolina
14 Aug
No one took refuge under the coffin? That's where I would have headed!
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