Nepotism in Bollywood

July 1, 2020 3:23am CST
After the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput the hot topic is nepotism in Bollywood. The dumb star kids without any acting skill are given preference in Bollywood just because they share the special surname. The talented actor have to struggle a lot to make there mark in Bollywood. Despite of several flop films these nepo kids get another film very easily, but the real talented people suffer a lot...what u all think about it..should nepotism be stop
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@nawala123 (10441)
• Indonesia
2 Jul
I know about this issue. Many indian actress inherit popularity and success beacuse of their parents name. Is karan johar responsible?
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• India
2 Jul
Some what
@Babale (461)
• Semarang, Indonesia
1 Jul
Nepotism is also deeply rooted in Indonesia, but more in the fields of politics and work. For the arts I do not understand. Because the main requirement must have a beautiful or handsome face.
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• Austin, Texas
1 Jul
Not just Bollywood but Hollywood too. Ever hear of the Carradine sons? Yeah well, if you ask me, it was their father who had the acting talent. The sons just had their father's name. So of course they got the roles in movies. But hey! They probably couldn't get a regular job! Their old man is a well-known celebrity and their name is Carradine. Who wants to hire them? Their dad probably said: "Y'all are grown. Y'all need to go out and earn your own money. I got a few connections. Maybe I can get you in a movie." I sometimes think that there are so many actors and actresses who get their kids work in the entertainment business because if they didn't their kids probably wouldn't work at all! I actually heard one kid of a celebrity say: "Why should I work? My dad's rich!"
@askme123 (250)
2 Jul
That is so sad
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@Corbin5 (193190)
• United States
1 Jul
Oh, that is such sad news that nepotism is involved in Bollywood. So unfair.