Gratitude Challenge Day #1190

Photo Credit: Pixabay.
@tammys85 (23382)
Baltimore, Maryland
October 18, 2020 2:03am CST
Hey there, everyone. I had this written out, and then I lost track of the time, but I’m posting it anyway lol. 1. I did a little shopping on Friday. 2. I responded to one of Donnie Wahlberg’s tweets on Friday afternoon, and I was one of the people he responded to that night. 3. I spent today watching Halloween 6, a few episodes of Roseanne, Beetlejuice and Hocus Pocus. And then I watched/listened to a New Kids On The Block concert. I don’t listen to my usual music daily in October and December because I’m more focused on watching my holiday-related shows/movies (or listening to seasonal stuff), but I felt like listening to them tonight. 4. I also spent today catching up on my work, and I’m all caught up, and this includes that project of three 1,000-word orders I’ve mentioned over the week. 5. I did pretty good on InboxDollars over the week; qualified for a few surveys. They allow you to cash out at $10 now, and I’m at $13, strictly for Christmas shopping. 6. My Mom bought me a pair of pajama pants from Five Below today. They're pink with white hearts (designed to match the slipper socks I bought from the same store last weekend), and they're sooo soft and comfy. Thank you, Mommy! :) Alrighty, I’m gonna call it a night. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend and the upcoming week. G’night (or good morning), stay safe and take care. :) Photo Credit: Pixabay.
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@RebeccasFarm (11200)
• Denver, Colorado
19 Oct
I am grateful I can remember what to do today.
@marlina (110180)
• Canada
19 Oct
Thanks, I had a good weekend and hope that you get a very good week yourself,
@just4him (223359)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
19 Oct
It sounds like you had a great weekend with tweets from Donnie Wahlberg, movies, and music. It's great your mom bought you a pair of pajama pants. Soft and comfy is a must.
@allen0187 (41463)
• Philippines
18 Oct
Woohooo! $13 for Christmas shopping! Enjoy!
@Courtlynn (68416)
• United States
18 Oct
Good for you getting those big orders done. Woo Roseanne and hocus pocus!
@id_peace (12482)
• Singapore
18 Oct
That is over 3 years of gratitude moments. I am very impressed. Continue to stay positive
@Hytton03 (710)
• Philippines
18 Oct
Your mom is really sweet.
@Janet357 (60547)
18 Oct
It is nice to know that Donnie Wahlberg personally responded to your tweet.
• India
18 Oct
@rina110383 (24410)
18 Oct
I could imagine those are cute pajama pants. I love wearing them when I'm home, it feels so comfortable. Sleep tight, Tammy!