@clevmae (1111)
August 3, 2022 4:34pm CST
When I woke up this very cold dawn myloters, I was very thankful for few rain drops were falling and touching the dry face of the earth’s surface. I know within me that too much rainfalls is not good to every creature including plants, animals, and most especially to human beings like us; however, it would not be also good if there would be a presence of rainfalls for a long period of time. Many lives would be greatly affected and many livelihoods would be painfully collided, most especially those grangers who work every day in their farms in order to generate a good harvest. But today, rainfalls are really real. I feel it’s very amiable presence at the backyard of our abode.
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@Deepizzaguy (71775)
• Lake Charles, Louisiana
3 Aug
That is true since if there is no rain in my area for at least one week, the concern for droughts happens not to mention the grass starts to turn brown, if it is too much rain that results in a flood, the ground gets soaked severely.
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@luisga814 (5901)
• Quezon City, Philippines
3 Aug
Good to know that. In my end, we're not experiencing rains for 2 days already. It's 5:44am here of Thursday, if there will be no rain today, this will be the 3rd day.
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