EXCELLENT news feor hubby yesterday.

@NanaMc (655)
January 20, 2023 8:48am CST
Yesterday was hubbys 3rd appt with his heart dr. You guys may remember that back in November my husband had a massive heart attack. His team of drs wanted to do open heart surgery and started running tests. It was determined his heart was way too weak to attempt surgery. They like the heat to be functioning at 38 percent or higher before they can do surgery and his was at 25 to 27 percent. So, after 10 days of hospitalization they fitted him with a temporary pacemaker and medicine and everyone hoped that the medicine would increase his heart function. He had an appt several days later to discuss options and there weren't many unless the heart function improved. 2nd appt was awful, to say the least. His heart function had dropped to 10 to 15 percent. We were extremely discouraged. When we got home I googled how to help the heart muscle increase it's function. One website suggested a glass of red wine in the evening and eating citrus fruit. Hubby balked at the red wine but began eating several pieces of citrus fruit daily. We were out and about earlier this week, maybe late last week, and I noticed his skin had a better appearance. His skin had turned a blue/gray appearance, but as we were driving around I noticed his skin had improved some. Not completely, but definitely some. I didn't say anything because I wasn't sure if I was just seeing what I wanted to see or if he was actually improving. A couple days later we were out again and this time it was pretty obvious that his skin had a better color and I told him so. When we got to his dr yesterday the first thing they did was an echogram. I noticed, even though I didn't know what I was looking at, that there was a change in the echo from last month. I also told hubby that once we were alone in the room. So we waited on the dr to come in and when she did, she was grinning ear to ear. She told him he could take off the temporary pacemaker and return it, because he no longer needed it. She said his heart function really improved. His heart function, as of yesterday, is 45 percent!!! 45!!!!! They're working on scheduling his surgery, and that in itself, is worrisome, but if he's going to improve he has to have it done. We are both thrilled!!
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• Philippines
20 Jan
Better late than never. I am positive that the surgery will be a success.
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@NanaMc (655)
20 Jan
I hope so, thank you!
@aninditasen (13918)
• Raurkela, India
21 Jan
That's a lovely news. Hope his heart gets better and he doesn't need a surgery.
@wolfgirl569 (78195)
• Marion, Ohio
21 Jan
That is wonderful. Food can be a healing thing
@sallypup (54781)
• Centralia, Washington
21 Jan
That's super that hubby is doing much better. I hope his surgery goes well.
@JudyEv (311820)
• Rockingham, Australia
21 Jan
That's such wonderful news. You must both be over the moon after hearing of such an improvement.
@LindaOHio (122580)
• United States
21 Jan
What great news! I'm sure his surgery will go well. My hubby had a multi-bypass surgery in 2004 and is doing OK.
@RebeccasFarm (103417)
• Wheat Ridge, Colorado
20 Jan
My goodness this is wonderful news Mary. God bless you both xo
@marlina (156274)
• Canada
20 Jan
Excellent news! I had Open Heart surgery 10 years ago.
@just4him (278457)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
20 Jan
I'm so glad his heart function increased with the citrus fruit. Good news they can schedule the heart surgery.