Scammers thwarted - thank you Bank.

@xFiacre (11483)
January 25, 2023 5:14am CST
Prompted by a post about scammers by @JudyEv today, let me tell you that I have a bank account I rarely use (long story) and yesterday I got the monthly statement that should have assured me that there was £5 in the account, there only for the purpose of keeping the account open. However the statement scolded me for being £90 overdrawn - a bewildering accusation. I did a lot of checking and discovered that some company in Switzerland has started helping itself to £30 of my lovely money each month, and so I was overdrawn and a charge was about to be levied. I contacted the bank and explained and within minutes all was put right and the stolen money returned. Nice bank.
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@TheSojourner (62610)
• United States
25 Jan
Wow! I'm glad that you caught that, and that the account was restored properly.
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@JudyEv (300597)
• Rockingham, Australia
25 Jan
That's a nice bank indeed. Our bank has on occasion contacted us to say there is some unusual activity going on with our account. It has no doubt saved us a heap of trauma.
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@LadyDuck (426675)
• Switzerland
25 Jan
Let me know the name of the company in Switzerland and I inform the police.