Phoney ultimates.

@xFiacre (12601)
February 19, 2024 4:43pm CST
Phoney ultimates. That's the definition of idolatry offered by a Christian theologian who's really worth his salt, although I'm sure there are many others equally able in their thinking but who don't express themselves as colourfully or as piercingly. The ultimates he has in his sights are the same old targets everyone points to: wealth, power, influence, pleasure, fame and so on. Idolaters are those who chase sedulously after such things, amassing the things that this world values most, but even when they succeed they die soon after as we all must, and what help will money or power be then? The irony of course is that these 'phoney ultmates' of themselves are unable to harm and are to be enjoyed. The danger comes when a person is swept along in pursuit of them. There is nothing intrinsicly evil about wealth, but when it becomes an all-consumming preoccupation, a phoney ultimate, a fall becomes inevitable. And so I ask myself, what phoney ultimates are likely to be my undoing if I am not vigilant? Will I sacrifice everything to travel, to swim in financial success, to acquire costly trinkets for my home? What phoney ultimate is it that may lead me to elbow God out of the way? On a national scale, countries can be seduced by versions of the same phoney ultimates - the desire for wealth at any cost (dressed up as concern for the well-being of its citizens) the quest for military dominance (disguised as self defence) the committment to liberty (which can only be arrived at by the oppression of others). Beware the phoney ultimates of this world, the hollow victories, the whited sepulchres that look pretty but contain only dead men's bones.
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@LindaOHio (155164)
• United States
20 Feb
Thank you for a thought-provoking post. Hope you have a good day.
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@JudyEv (325048)
• Rockingham, Australia
20 Feb
A very worthwhile post thanks. I will dwell on this. I'm sure I pursue phoney ultimates much any more but the pursuit of such things in times gone by is all around me.
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@DWDavis (25812)
• Pikeville, North Carolina
20 Feb
As it says in the Bible, the love of money is the root of all evil. You can substitute power, fame, or one of the other items you listed and the saying remains true.
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