I am sure this is wrong,But still want to know for sure

United States
September 22, 2006 6:10pm CST
I called my doctors office to tell someone I wone her a dvd on ebay. She has my turbo jam and has not used it as yet. her tv is broke... Ok now she asked me to bid on ebay,.i did and won 2 for cheap. I paid for one thru paypal and the other wants money order. I told her and she said to get it. She also asked if she could use my insurance to get a pill for her migranes.. tompomax somthing around here.. I told her I'll ask the doctor for some as I suffer really bad from migranes. She called me back to say. She had ordered it and it will be ready for her to pick up in and hour. Well now will I get in any trouble for this. I did nothing wrong.
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@Sweety76 (1596)
• India
4 Oct 06
i hope u wont mind but all ur question look like a framed one and not a real situation of urs
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• United States
4 Oct 06
This is your honest feelingsI am sure. i also know it is my honest post. the young woman recieved her meds and is really grateful. I also thank you for replying and enjoy..:)
22 Sep 06
I don't quite understand your question, but you're worried of getting medicine for someone else on your insurance? I'm unsure of the legality of it 'officially' although I've often used my own Father (who in England get's it free)for Asthma Inhalers. I don't think what you've done is wrong, to me she sounds like she's pushing the limits of friendship though!
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