Just Say No" Won't Keep Kids Away from drugs & alcohol

December 19, 2006 8:19am CST
While most parents hope that their teenagers will not drink alcohol or smoke marijuana, the reality is that 80 percent of high school seniors will have tried alcohol by the time they graduate, and 50 percent will have tried marijuana. "Just Say No" is a nice slogan, but not a sufficient strategy for protecting children. Despite millions of dollars of scare tactic ads telling kids that smoking pot will fry their brains like an egg, half of 18-year-olds will end up "Just Saying Sometimes" or "Just Saying Yes."
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@katprice (807)
• United States
19 Dec 06
Peer pressure. It sucks. Parents need to really lead their kids in the right direction and not depend on teachers to do this. The Just Say No program really needs an overhaul and maybe a new slogan that is more hip so that kids will take a liking to it.