Quality Education and Irresponsible Teachers

December 21, 2006 10:19am CST
Quality Education is very important. But how do we get quality education when teachers that are supposed to teach us are unmindful of their duties. Based on personal experience, I’ve had some teachers who seldom meet our classes, seldom give lectures. We hardly see them around for the whole semester. They torment us with enormous assignments, research works, and quizzes. Sometimes I get to think I might as well not attend school and just buy books and read them at home because this is the same scenario I’m getting with some of my teachers. I don’t mean that teachers should spoon-feed us. But they are like ghosts in school who just show up anytime they want to. I just want the teachers to be there, present, facilitating every discussion, accessible for any questions. Why can’t they do their job?
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• United States
27 Dec 06
From the what I have seen, is that the teachers are very underpaid, and very unhappy. They have to pay for things out of their pockets, and their salaries are not high. But, there are some that do love teaching and do a good job. A lot of them say they spend more time to disapline a child, then are able to teach. This is all hear say.
• Philippines
16 Jan 07
well i believe there are plenty of low-salary paid teachers. and i do have sympathy for them.. but having taken that profession, they should be responsible enough with it.