free to express myself at last :-) - how about you?

@amaine (2037)
January 13, 2007 10:26pm CST
due to some reasons, , i have not been expressing what i really feel , , but suddenly , , everything has changed , , for the very first time in my life , i felt freedom, , somehow that word would be appropriate, , for the very first time in my life , , i do not fear that somebody might be staring at me , criticizing every move that i make and laughing at those mistakes that i commit , , at least now, i am not afraid that somebody might hear every word that i utter , , and i don't care i someone does , , at last, , i finally have gotten out of my own shadow , , i have been hiding so many things from the world , , even from myself , , but not now , , with just four words , , the meaning of everything has changed, , i feel proud, , that i could even shout out the name of the person whom i love so much, , i can't explain what i'm feeling right now , , everytime i think about it, , i feel butterflies in my stomach , , just the thought that i do not have anything to hide to everybody made me feel soooooooooo happy , , (--,) finally , , finally , , üüü how about you? , , do you have experience(s) like that? , , , you know , , that feeling you are free to do whatever you wanted to do , , or similar to those , , why don't you share your happiness with me , , üüü
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• Romania
14 Jan 07
i am happy for you, really! i had the opportunity to express myself always, but i was sometimes too weak or i just did not want to do it, but now i am always expressing myself in all matters