seeking to file a complaint under criminal case

October 7, 2006 3:39pm CST
i am living in algeria and have a case of criminal activity in usa and while i am unable to get usa because the us embassy refused me an issue so i ma deprived from my human and civil rights while i have a judgements with us courts and while i have an appeals still opened with us court of appeal but imopossible to respond right in accordance with the us rules as i am not free to talk on all because it is very confidential unfortunatly i am excluded from my human rights even the courts issued me an order in my favour but impossible to be applied the laws are not respected by the us embassy in algeria and while the problem is that hon ambassador is not informed and impossible to get him so the algerians employees are playing with laws and disgracing usa and wanting to convince me that being balemed by usa ? it so long but the matter is very important anyway my presence at the courts is recomanded and essential while the us embassy refuses me all communication and refuse sme an appointement to get the consular affairs all is closed in my face . so the courts can issue a judgement against me because of my absence while i am not responseible and i am ready to get the court as sson as possible but what to do ???
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