what's your special recipe for chicken?

February 8, 2007 6:39pm CST
i love chicken,my children love it too!sometimes i ran out of ideas on how to cook it.roast,baked,etc.mindif you share your expertise?
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• Australia
9 Feb 07
My brother cook a nice chicken, it is a recipe from Nepalese. Im not sure if I got it correctly, but mostly you do a fillet chicken, cut it bite size, and fried until yellowish brownish. And then prepare brown onion cut small diced, and also some lemon (you can buy fresh or the one in bottle) and also some Indian red curry things (the brand is BABA could be found in Indian shops) and then you mixed the whole things in with your hands and served it :) pretty easy huh :) And another chicken is the one my mom like to cook is chilli chicken. There are two recipes, but I only remember one. It can be wings, or drumstick, or even fillet chicken. All you do is fried until brownish and fully cooked. And then for the chilli, you put some garlic chilli (can be bought in Asian grocery in bottle) put about maybe 2 tablespoon depending how many chicken you got, put a bit of fish sauce, a bit of salt and little bit of water and put a little bit of sugar as well and it will be kind of sticky and put all your chicken in there and mixed it together and after less than a minute, it is ready to serve. Well good luck :) Hope you like it
• Philippines
9 Feb 07
thank you,babydolphin,i'm pretty excitedto try this at home.i hope i can find that indian red curry you told me,sincei'mhere in the philippines,but i'll try to work it out and let you know!!