Grandparents losing children, then smothering grandkids

United States
February 8, 2007 6:52pm CST
I'm curious how common this is, and if anybody has experienced this- either as a grandparent (if you can admit it), or as a grandchild? Or perhaps as a different type of relation? I know of somebody who recently lost his mother, and his grandma (who he was already close to), is now seeming to somehow be replacing her daughter, with her grandson- Offering financial support, seeming more forceful in offering opinions as to how he should be doing things, etc.. Anybody experience this?
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@vanities (11401)
• Davao, Philippines
9 Feb 07
mine is somewhat similar to the situations..but it concerns me actually..i got married early and im the only girl in the family got 2 bros. since i dont know yet how to take care of my son its my mother who take care of him to the extent that my son was sleeping beside her at first went fine and at the same time she thought me how to do it...and then i got preganant again after 6 months..during that stage i know how to take care of my second child and im busy with her that i delegate my responsibility to my mother..bit as the children grows i noticed that my mom had grown so attached to my son that she wont tell me any needs or problems that my son have..she assumed all the responsibility presuming that since i got married early its my first son whom she gonna replaced my place in the first it sounds good since shes living with us and my son..but later on as the boy grows older he become aloof to us i mean me and my husband....and all conflicting situations arises as time passes..until now im trying to maake up for the lost time that we should have been norturing him instead of my mom...
• United States
9 Feb 07
Wow, that's really hard. I know that grandparents sometimes have a really hard time seperating themselves - they can't seem to realize that these grandchildren are not their own kids. They need to take a step back and let their son or daughter take care of the kids, as they're supposed to be doing.