what is your seventh sense

July 9, 2006 1:23am CST
What is sixth sense. It is an imagination or forecasting or estimating the future. How do you forecast the forecoming things. Yes it is called sixth sence, every one have two personalities, one always think without analyzation. The another personality always thinks in many angels and it informs the good and bad.for example, u are trying to do some prohibitted thing, then u are encouraging in one side by supplying new ideas continiously. This is one personality of you, the another one always says the correct thing, it won't allow the bad thoughts, the thoughts are only positive and it prohibits you while doing some tasks. This have some power to estimate the future. If you observe your mind, u definately came to know about the sixth sence which is hiding in you, how to realize that... You just think to do some prohibitted or nonsence thing. Immediately your mind calculates its advantages and disadvantages and it informs u. But it is depending upon yours willing power to accept that. But your another personality won't accept that right thing, when you know the disadvantages of the thing which you are trying. It informs the loss or advantage bofore, then u can realize it after u finish the task, the mind which informed the loss/gain must came true, this is nothing but sixth sense. You must know it and follow to prevent loss and misguide.
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@ossie16d (11826)
• Australia
14 Oct 06
I refer to what you call 'sixth sense' as 'gut instinct'. There have been times when I just know that something is right, or wrong, but could not explain the reasons why. I found your narrative interesting.