nationwide health care

@silkyt34 (324)
United States
March 13, 2007 10:22am CST
ok i know alot of people on my lot are from countries that have nation wide health care so they dont have to worry about private insurance. My question is doe it really work and how does it work? i have heard good things and bad like being put on a waiting list to have surgery that isnt an emergency is this true? and for te my lotters here in america what do you think about a nationwide heath care coverage, do you think it would be a good program or a bad program? i am just one of millions here in america that doesnt have health insurance and i recently had to go for an echocardigram and i recieved the bill and it was well over 2 thousand dollars, now i have to make payment arragements on this bill.i also have a very bad molar that has to come out but thats an additional 300 dollars i dont have to pay for medical i am also on high blood pressure meds that costs and arm and a leg and i had to stop taking them for almost a year because i couldnt afford them, would nationwide health care coverage be better??
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