I went to the beach yesterday

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March 14, 2007 10:06am CST
We rode our bikes for this long journey to the beach. After leaving the beach,and getting out of old navy. I was riding and tired to death. So Lucky for me the bus came. we were loading our bikes. I needed help. This nice man came off thebus to help me. I said my thanks and stuff. now I could not help but to stare in his mouth. I love a man with sparkling white teeth. He had a hard hat in his hand. He was going to some work site. I had wished on a star that he would get off the bus with me. I wanted to give him my business card. When he asked about my koolaid purse. My daughter was standing right in my face. How do I get brave and,start to get a phone #. My daughter thinks I should stay dried up. She thinks 37 yrs old is 80 yrs old. Ohh I wante this mans #
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@yanjiaren (9050)
14 Mar 07
Oh Dear..I think it's sometimes embarrassing for kids and thery cannot distinguish between your role as a mum and your role as a woman and until she grows up a bit more she will not be able to understand that you may want a life not just revolving around her needs. Sometimes kids in their own small world can get incredibly selfish not because they want to be but often enough because of insecurity..they don't want to lose mum's love and affection for another. I do hope you find your dream man and your daughter enjoys the company of a step dad too..It will all work out in time..I am sure..
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14 Mar 07
I just feel like you said it from my heart. I just can't get her to understand that I am still alive. She say I am to old. So I am wondering at 12. What will she think is old when she is 18. Thanks so much