Everyone Has a Twin?

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March 15, 2007 4:12am CST
There could be someone out there who looks just like you. You think you are so special. Maybe you should think again, because someone who looks just like you might be out there. Coming up this Friday night on 20/20 Bob Brown, has a real head turnover story. Even if you weren’t born a twin, you could have a double. "One, two, three.” It’s folk wisdom in many cultures that everyone has a double. And photographer France Brunelle has made it his obsession to match up as many of those doubles as he can find, and bring them together. "To group close like this.” "They coming, I open the door, and there is an expression of uncertainty in their face. You know, there are lots they like to assure of you. Am I doing the right thing? “ He studies them, poses them, and photographs them in his Montreal studio for a planned exhibition in book that will feature 200 doubles from different parts of the world. To qualify they have to be unrelated to each other. "It’s not just two men or two women; here you have a man and a woman.” "Yes, yes, and we have two couples here. These are perfect. They used to work together in the same office.” "Where do you find the look-alikes that you photograph?” "Well, at first, I would ask friends that I knew. You know, people that I know. And I was looking to get help from the media, so there I get articles in the newspaper or magazine that talk about my project. ” Once he got publicity then began on internet site, people started contacting Brunelle to tell him about look-alikes they knew. The point is not that the people he photographs are identical that’s possible only with identical twins. Brunelle looks for the similarities that are so close, that two people maybe mistaken for each other, even by friends. For Sophie Cadieux who was 29 and Catherine Trudeau 31, that can be particularly awkward since both are actresses in Montreal. "The funny thing is that sometimes people think we are the same girl.” "We are both actresses, so when people say you are so good in there. I wish it was me, but I have to admit that she is very very good in that.”
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@balbirs1 (83)
• India
15 Mar 07
yes, i think that everyone has atleast two identities of it's own. One what it shows to the world anthe other that it's soul knows best. Therefore besides being part of the same identity they have a dfferent role, ya you can say that physically they are identical/ twins but on other ground there's a lot of difference.