severely dehydrated young girl in hospital

March 16, 2007 7:26am CST
as a student nurse, i was on duty in a pedia ward, and there i met this little girl. she was about 5 years old but she is extremely thin and weak. her stomach is bulging which indicates that she has kwashorkor or malnutrition. a few hours later, she had convulsions and was constantly eliminating very watery stool. the nurse's effort to relieve her fever was useless because she used suppository and it just goes out with the stool. and after a few minutes, she died. too sad. very sad, situations like these make me think how vulnerable life is. one second life is present, and in the next, it's gone. and it's gone forever....
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5 May 07
Did that really happen? That is so sad and just something that you never really think does go on. I live in the UK and we seem to have much more a problem with children with obesity as opposed to malnutrition. DO you have alot of that in your country? Her parnets hsould be charged with reglect if not murder. I could nevre let that happen to my child.