I would give almost anything!

@sharone74 (4838)
United States
March 24, 2007 5:42am CST
I have discoverred within my ordinarily independant and non-clingy soul, a need for a true partnership type relationship. Not a "desire" but a NEED, to be really "seen" by the person that I share my life with. Not just my pretty face and shapely body (no one I know has any trouble seeing that fine. My relationships tend to be based upon the overall improvement of the look of my fellas arm, with me on it LOL) This is not just unfulfilling spiritually and emotionally but also plain out "Burns my butt". I am certain, due to the fact that I prefer mature W.A.S.P. "y" men in their 40's. Often college graduates, no less! That this lack of insight, perception, or ability does not lie in the fact that these men are stupid. I can't stand a stupid partner male or female! Not unless that is what the relationship is based on, having a "cute but basically stupid" mate just because they are cute. I rarely do that anymore. I seek depth, intellect, open minded-ness, and honesty in my potential partners. In the last 5 to 7 years each and every one of them seems to be afflicted to varying degrees with this same "blind spot" when it comes to dealing with me! Either one of two things is the culprit here for me. either a. I have gotten way too good at accomplishing my #1 objective in a relationship, which is to make the relationship all about my partner and trying to make them happy and emotionally secure and healthy the second option b.) is a total overuse and reliance upon honesty, forthrightness, and allowing myself to not only appear to be but to in fact be ridiculously open and vulnerable in the erroneous belief that someone who really loves you or is capable of so doing will not only allow and endorse your being emotionally vulnerable for and to them but in so being that they take care in not taking unfair advantage of that vulnerabitily. If they cannot pass the simple trustworthiness test then they just have got to go! I can't seem to find anyone who passes this simple and straightforward test. Even when they are aware that they are being tested!
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@braided (698)
• Canada
24 Mar 07
Well, We are all looking for that kind of individual or I guess I should only speak for myself ... but I too am a lot like this and want the same thing ... Its very hard to find ...girl ... I found it once but the problem was he was married ...go figure .. and maybe thats why he was like that ... because he was married ... But these kinds of men are hard to find ...they all talk a good talk But when it comes down to it they all scared of a strong honest independant woman and especially one that looks like you and i guess me ... we attract a lot of attention .. and we get stereo typed ... what can i say ... Now after the many discussions I have read of yours I know you as an intelligent woman ... that also becomes a threat ... for what ever reason ... I dont understand it myself but ... you just got to hang in there ... what will be will be ... keep your opinions open til he comes along ... and for you he probably will ... it only a matter of time ... just dont stay with the wrong one too long or you may miss the right one .... smilin