My Greatest Teacher...Lamont laid down the law

United States
April 3, 2007 7:41pm CST
I saw him more and more frequently when I went across the street to sing kareoki at the Crazy Frog. He was a black man, in his late twenties. Imposing, yet captivating to all who had a chance for him to grace their presence. It was odd that he seemed to seek me out. Even stranger that just a day or two ago I had been nodding my head at the sage words of advice out of a book on leadership. John C. Maxwell could not speakly highly enough concerning the benefits to having a worldly mentor. Mine came in the form of a classy, ebony, male spiritualist. He stepped out of the shadows and beckoned to me, one night. He spoke like the man in the matrix. He spoke of illusions, personal power, assumptions, deceit, power struggles, and coming into your own. I had never met anyone quite like him, and yet, surprisingly felt that I may have met him in another guise before. It was an out of time moment for me. The world seemed to shrink down until it was just us. He seemed to be the unspoken answer to my prayers and questions. As the book said, "When the student is ready (to learn), the teacher will appear." Why I didn't stick with him is still a mystery to me. I went my own way, and he went his. Women, wine, magic, music, song, dance, food, spirituality, subject seemed to be out of his capable reach. His mind floated in a higher state, forcing me to pay attention...feeling like a fool for all the questions I asked. He was training me, molding me to be strong and self-sufficient. God only knows why I didn't complete my time with him. I could have learned so much. I could have tapped into more of my potential. Instead, I feel as if I had taken several hundred backwards steps when it came to my evolvement. Such a regret. Such a waste of time. Was it by chance that I met him? I think not. Was it chance that tore us apart? I say no to that, as well. I belief that the more I fight my path, the more misery and sorrow will come my way. The trick is learning to harness my intuition so that I can tune into what direction I'm being prodded towards. I have faith that practice will greatly enhance my efforts, till one day, I will look back, and instead of being the searcher, I will be the one searched for. I will have become the greatest honour to be bestowed upon a human being: I will have become Teacher.
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