What's That Song?

@glra2222 (492)
April 17, 2007 2:44am CST
Hello fellow mySpot music lovers, please feel free to ask about any songs you need the name of here. Myself, I am looking for two songs which ive heard at the local supermarket and on the radio. The first is kind of a sad song with mostly only guitars as the instrument and someone singing "I'm searching for an answer" on a constant occasion during the song - maybe 6 or 8 times - its kinda a hook - the thing is i don't remember if it was a male or a female - most likely it was a female. The second is a bit more easier to describe - it is a variation of that famous "while my guitar gently weeps" song which i think was by peter frampton. This variation was sung by a female and had different lyrics - the end of every four lines she sung "...see me smiling." and in one line she sings "i wanna see the sunshine". Ive looked everywhere but couldn't find out what these songs were. So please if you know the song or maybe have an idea of what it could be then the name of the artist and the song name would be most appreciated. Also, If anybody else has a song which they have heard but don't know, please feel free to ask about it here - the commenting for each response makes it easier to answer questions than other forums ive seen which have a similar thread to this one.
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